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「みっしょんこんぷりーと!」 (”mission complete”, in cutesy hiragana) is the message I got from mixi.jp from my good friend Okiko from Kobe, of whom just two days ago I asked a big favor.

In short, Final Fantasy 13 was released today, Thursday December 17th, in Japan (21.12.17; year 21 of the Heisei dynasty). I asked Okiko to, if it wasn’t too far out of her way or problematic, to hit up a convenience store or something to pick up a copy for the PS3, hit up a post office, and mail it to me via EMS.

Should hopefully arrive within the next week, likely before Agnostimas: I’ve had packages ship from Japan and arrive in the US 2-3 days later.

And like that [poof], I’ll be gone.