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Sake Guy

It's like a special treat

Completing goals is good. I'm finishing the translation (where needed), localization, and re-editing of about one section of Tenra each night.

* Last night: Shinobi, and the Shinobi Powers
* Night before: Shinobi (first half), oni, and The Priesthood
* Tonight: Armour, and the extremely complex Regent section, which gives you a happy little walkthrough on the deepest details of Japan's feudal hierarchy system. Scott Blow? I bow to your goddamned translation skills. Ewen or I would have blown our brains out if we had taken this on ourselves. You will be rewarded, in this life or the next.

Next: Hmmm. It's a toss-up between the Armour creation rules, Onmyouji shiki-summoning rules or the Buddhism section. Each will probably take about two days to complete, as I'm finally filling in huge gaps of missing text myself, combining editing and translation into one.

It's 3:00AM, time for bed.

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