January 19th, 2010

Sake Guy

Tuesday Thoughts

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* It’s been 11 years since Heisei 11.1.12, which means I’ve been married for 11 years, going on 12. So far: Awesome. Looking forward to 11 more.
–Incidentally, this is the first year in three years where I didn’t have to cancel/move anniversary plans due to working late putting broken shit back together. So that was a nice touch.

* Jason Thompson’s King of RPGs comes out today. If you are into tabletop RPGs but do not seek this manga out, you are dumb. I saw it about 7 years ago when it was done up comic style, before the anime facelift, and it was some good, light fun. I can’t wait until my copy is delivered.

* Rah Digga went to college for Electrical Engineering in New Jersey. Wow. My dad was always pushing me (lightly pushing, mind you, not like Burning My Sociology Books or anything) to become an engineer like him. Who knows, if I had followed in his footsteps I might now be pursuing a lucrative career in rap.

* Recently listening to: Hearts of Space. All the time. Best internet radio subscription I’ve ever purchased. These soulful, moody tracks are the soundtrack to my workflow.

* Two weeks of vacation start in 3 days, and they can’t come fast enough. I need to remember to take vacations with better frequency to avoid total burnout.

* Alternative writing software: Look into PageFour, Liquid Story Binder (likely the latter, as it has visual organization tools that I like). Scrivener for Windows would be a dream, though.

* My new glasses allow me the power to fire lasers out of my eyes.

* I might tire of Busta Rhymes’ focus on lyrics about money, but I will never, ever tire of his style, his lyrical flow or his phenomenal beats.

* I love reggae, it’s one of my favorite types of music: But only live. The only “reggae albums/studio songs” I can listen to are Bob Marley, period, and hate just about anything else (even the songs I like hearing live). I have no idea why this is.

* Will probably start blogging more about the Japanese I’m learning day to day. For example, all this time I never knew the Sen (銭) in Sentou (銭湯, or “Japanese public bath”), of which tou = “hot water” or “bath” was actually the same “sen” which used to be the standard for money before the Yen (“Oh, it’s THAT /Sen/. I never knew. Huh.”). Like 100 sen = 1 yen or something IIRC. Sen isn’t used any more, I think the last batch was printed around 1944, so they’re kind of an artifact.

* I love my Gunnar Optiks computer glasses (model: Shredder), I just need to find a way to get prescription lenses in these things so I can wear them longer. Unfortunately, it looks like “If you don’t live in California, you’re screwed”. Oh well, will keep trying.