January 12th, 2010

Sake Guy

Tuesday Thoughts

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* Body fat down 2 percent since last month, but body weight unchanged. That means muscle, right? Makes sense, as I’ve been taking it to the next level at the gym and at home. Even bought some stuff, using it too! (swedish ball, a new pullup bar, resistance bands) I’m eyeing a 300lb Olympic bar and weight set (only $150 at Dick’s), but want to get traction on the stuff I have first before Buying More Crap. Still got far to go to get back to post-college weight, though.

* In the past 4 weeks I have purchased 4 floor lamps. All but one of them are completely different. I’m Japan-ifying our dining room even more with shoji paper floor lamps, and the living room with shoji-bulb thingies. Will take pics later.

* Bought pants. I went genuine clothes shopping at the Mall! It’s been, what, 2 years since I did real clothes shopping? In any case, I picked up two slick pairs of pants, one shirt, and realized that 95% of my clothing needs are fulfilled by Sears and JcPenny’s, just as has been the case for the last 20 years. I don’t mind Nordstroms, but price vs the style is a “yech” ratio. Looking into a new suit once I lose some more points.

* I still have Christmas/New Years/Aw fuck it Whenever cards to write and send. I dunno why my mind freezes up at the end of the year like that. I just don’t often know what to say. ” ‘Sup. Christmas, eh? YEAH! Well, see ya next year.”

* Saw Avatar in 3d. Aside from the eyestrain and verdio-headache from sitting near the bottom of the theater at the IMAX, it was awesome.

* Ordered another vat of Muscle Milk (vanilla creme). Since they lowered the fat calories ratio, it’s been my drug of choice. No lactose == friendly stomach.

* Realized I need to read Getting Things Done again, as I totally fell off the rails and am no longer getting much of anything done.

* Tonight I make soup. Wild rice, chicken, maitake mushrooms. Maitake mushrooms make everything delicious. I have no idea why they are not more popular than shiitake or portabello, they go well in everything from pizza to soup to toppings for omelets or meat to… well, anything. Hopefully we’ll see a cycle of more people using them, more appearing in stores, prices going down, etc.

* Exercise of the week: Stability Ball Plank.

* Reading:
Fiction: Still reading Greg Egan’s latest, Crystal Nights.
Nonfiction: Still cutting through Options Made Easy, Making it All Work.
Work: Overview of Flexcache
Manga: Between series now
RPG: Fusou Bukyouden, Weapons of the Gods

* Time to retire www.bladeoftheimmortal.net . Nothing more is going to happen with it, I’m plain tired of the manga at this point, might as well cut it loose and focus on other projects.

* Tenra Bansho Zero: See next item.

* Two weeks of vacation. Approved. Taking off last week of Jan/first week of Feb to do stuff around the house, travel a bit in the area, do some Sharpening the Saw stuff while thinking about what my goals are for this year, and hopefully finish the last of the pre-editing Tenra work.