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Mike Stanislowsky Update re attack on Afghanistan

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This is a shout out to his friends who might not be in the loop. I don’t think he’d mind sharing this info:


Dear Friends and Family,

For some of you this is not new news, for some others it will be.  I was injured in an attack on the DAI/USAID compound in Kunduz early last Friday, July 2nd.  I sustained injuries to my left eye and left arm during the approximate 7 hour ordeal.  I’m currently in Dubai with Desi (who as you all know as the most caring, loving and beyond supportive wife any lucky fella could ever have) and will be heading to New Jersey on Sunday.  The fact that I’m writing this email tells you that I am both very lucky (most already know this) and beyond  thanks to the four security personnel who lost their lives, as well as the other two who sustained serious injuries to their legs and arm.  I have had two surgeries to my left eye and will most likely need more.  Lost my vision in this eye but am optimistic that it will be regained with some time and healing, as well as some assistance from modern medicine.  The plan is to get better, no other plans at this moment.  Desi and I will be staying with my Mother in Whiting, New Jersey which if you do not know is an amazingly traquil place, perfect for such a recovery.  I thank all who have already sent me their thoughts and prayers.

I will not be forgetting nor regretting my work in Afghanistan and can only hope that it continues on and hopefully bears some fruit.  I do regret not having had sufficient time to achieve any lasting results.  As said, no plans, but for sure I can emphasize that there are no plans to return to Afghanistan anytime soon.  Looking forward to lots of time with the family.




Take care, bro. Praying for your speedy recovery.

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