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For my RPG Homies

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I love the totally pure-indie indie scene in Japan, filled with guys and girls who basically write complete RPGs, photocopy or print them loosely, then sell them for like no more than $3 cost at local conventions. I often feel these days that the western scene is tainted by the fact that since one *can* make a buck, everyone feels entitled to do just that. I’m working on something on that front, though.

But for now, here’s a picture of the cover of “The Call of Moe“:

In this game, which uses the Call of Cthulhu system as a backbone, you play normal humans, salarymen, police officers and teachers who somehow come into contact with vile, dark tomes of otaku lore (basically your run-of-the-mill anime/otaku geek shit). From that point, you lose SAN. You keep losing SAN as you do things like:

Buy your first doujinshi (1d4 SAN loss)
Write your first doujinshi (1d8 SAN loss)
Attend your first Comic Market Convention (2d10 SAN loss)

and so on. This interior illustration of San Loss sums up the game pretty well:

Man, this is some self-referentual hilariousness.

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